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5 Dental Coding Nightmares That Are Haunting Your Practice

In the world of dentistry, staying on top of the latest technologies and treatment methods is essential for maintaining a successful practice. However, there is another crucial aspect that often gets overlooked: dental coding. Dental coding plays a pivotal role in the financial health of your practice, and getting it wrong can lead to revenue […]

BOO-sting dental claim reimbursement

As dental professionals, you are dedicated to providing the best possible care to your patients; however, ensuring that your practice receives fair and timely reimbursement for services rendered is equally important. Dental claim reimbursement is vital to the success of a dental practice, and understanding the ins and outs of the process can make a […]

Frighteningly common dental coding errors and how to avoid them

Accurate dental coding is an essential piece of the dental practice revenue cycle. CDT codes serve as a universal language that helps providers communicate with insurance payors, government agencies, and fellow providers. Due to the complex nature of dental coding, errors are frighteningly common – leading to denied claims, financial loss, and administrative nightmares. In […]

Dental coding tips for dental anxiety

According to DDPA 2020 Adult’s Oral Health & Well-Being Survey, “more than 1 in 4 Americans (27%) who’ve bypassed dental care admit they were scared of going to the dentist.” Providing care for patients with dental anxiety requires time and patience. In busy dental offices, this can be a challenge to keep in mind, and even more […]

Why DSOs need dental coding resources

You may have noticed that the dental industry is consolidating. Large groups of dental practices and dental service organizations (DSOs) have seen more than 15% growth over the past five years, and aren’t losing any steam. DSOs offer providers the security to provide dentistry to their community while taking most of the business owner duties […]