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Tune in to The Dental Code Advisor podcast for up-to-date information regarding dental coding, insurance administration, insurance participation, and so much more! This popular podcast is hosted by Practice Booster’s renowned coding expert, Dr. Greg Grobmyer.

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The CDT codes are the property of the American Dental Association. Interpretations of the CDT codes in this podcast represent the opinions of our experts. Always refer to the latest CDT codes for use in your practice and contact the ADA directly for the ADA’s interpretation of the CDT codes. You are responsible for your own use of the CDT codes. For more information, refer to

Dr. Greg Grobmyer
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Utilizing D0180 and D4346

Join Practice Booster’s Dr. Greg Grobmyer as he discusses two CDT codes that every practice should be using to maximize insurance reimbursements; D0180 comprehensive periodontal evaluation and D4346 scaling in presence of moderate or severe gingival inflammation. Learn when to use the codes, how to properly document in the clinical record, what attachments to submit […]

Setting Strategic Practice Fees

Join Practice Booster’s Dr. Greg Grobmyer as he discusses updating your dental practice fees the right way, including which fees to update and when, how to properly submit fees on claims, and resources to provide you with strategic practice fee schedules. . Dr. Grobmyer is currently the Chief Editor of Dr. Charles Blair’s Dental Coding […]

AI in Dental Insurance Adjudication

Join Practice Booster’s Dr. Greg Grobmyer as he talks with Dr. Dominique Fufidio about the use of Artificial Intelligence in dental insurance claims adjudication, document scanning, image interpretation, and more! Dr. Dominique Fufidio, DDS, FAGD, is the founder and main coach at Fufidio Consulting Group (FCG). Dr. Fufidio has pioneered a unique coaching experience focused […]

HIPAA, OSHA, and CDC Concerns

Join Dr. Greg Grobmyer as he speaks with Attorney, former dental assistant, and Dental Compliance expert Olivia Wann about CDC guidelines, OSHA compliance, and HIPAA concerns. Meet Olivia Wann Olivia Wann founded Modern Practice Solutions, LLC in 2000 and later expanded her professional offerings by establishing The Law Office of Olivia Wann & Associates, PLLC […]

Reduce Your Accounts Receivable with the A/R Ninja

In this episode of the Dental Code Advisor Podcast, join Dr. Greg Grobmyer as he interviews the “A/R Ninja” himself, Andy Cleveland. Learn about recent changes to laws that affect the way your dental office should go about handling accounts receivable and collections. “I am an industry expert and consultant that enjoys helping dental practices […]