Dental Documentation

Clinical documentation in the dental practice that supports both the findings as well as the treatment rendered by the dentist or dental professionals

Dental Code Advisor Podcast Cover Art

Utilizing D0180 and D4346

Join Practice Booster’s Dr. Greg Grobmyer as he discusses two CDT codes that every practice should be using to maximize insurance reimbursements; D0180 comprehensive periodontal evaluation and D4346 scaling in presence of moderate or severe gingival inflammation. Learn when to use the codes, how to properly document in the clinical record, what attachments to submit […]

AI in Dental Insurance Adjudication

Join Practice Booster’s Dr. Greg Grobmyer as he talks with Dr. Dominique Fufidio about the use of Artificial Intelligence in dental insurance claims adjudication, document scanning, image interpretation, and more! Dr. Dominique Fufidio, DDS, FAGD, is the founder and main coach at Fufidio Consulting Group (FCG). Dr. Fufidio has pioneered a unique coaching experience focused […]

Frighteningly common dental coding errors and how to avoid them

Accurate dental coding is an essential piece of the dental practice revenue cycle. CDT codes serve as a universal language that helps providers communicate with insurance payors, government agencies, and fellow providers. Due to the complex nature of dental coding, errors are frighteningly common – leading to denied claims, financial loss, and administrative nightmares. In […]