PPO Fee Negotiation

2 min read

In this episode of the Dental Code Advisor Podcast, Dr. Greg Grobmyer speaks with Christi Billquist, the Director of Operations with Unitas PPO Solutions, about the current PPO fee negotiation climate. Learn about PPO negotiations, network optimization leveraging direct vs. leased network arrangements, the annual PPO audit you should be doing, and more!

Christi Bilquist is Director of Operations at Unitas Dental. She has helped with PPO negotiation, optimization and credentialing services to thousands of dental practices across the country.

Christi Billquist is the Director of Operations at Unitas Dental. Christi began a career working in the insurance industry while completing her Bachelor’s degree at Utah State University. Christi spent 15 years working for a national insurance company focusing on fraud investigations. In 2012, Christi decided to leave the corporate insurance world to join Unitas Dental. Over the past 9 years, Christi has become a dental insurance industry expert and has been instrumental in Unitas Dental’s growth in providing PPO negotiations, optimization and credentialing services to thousands of dental practices across the country. Christi genuinely loves helping dental offices understand and increase their PPO revenue, and especially enjoys helping new business owners navigate the transition from associate to practice owner.

Find out more at https://unitaspposolutions.com.

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